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xhandgunhearts [userpic]

St. Patrick's Day~

March 17th, 2006 (08:07 am)

♥ feeling: ecstatic
♥ listening to: 'El Manana' by Gorillaz

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I actually have a lot to talk about in this post.. sort of.

ISATs are so boring. We had to take six tests in three days and each of them is about 45 minutes long. I hate it, because I finish like 20 minutes early and I still dont have a book.. lol. Thanks to everyone who suggested one though! I'm actually going to look up those titles..

I'm going to Florida in about a week and yes I still love it.. lmao. You cant be too old for Disney World. Yeah so I wont be updating for like two weeks.. sorry =] If you comment while im gone i'll be sure to comment back! Anyways, I might find time to update next week before I go but I doubt it.

Have you heard about that myspace shit? Like how employers are looking up their applicant's myspaces, and since theyre college students they have pictures of them getting drunk and shit at parties? Its strange. And im not sure who I agree with. Yeah, its a journal that they shouldnt be lookimh at; but HELLO, you are making it public and thats your choice. Youre opening your journal to be viewed and thats what they are doing. So I kind of agree with both sides. =|

All of my weekend plans turned out well, surprisingly; we went to see the play, Wicked, downtown. I thought it looked gay. But it seriously was amazing. I saw it as a Choir field trip.. and it really was good. Sure there were some corny/awkward parts (its like a prequel to the Wizard of Oz) but dont all plays have that? I highly recommend seeing it if you have a broadway theatre by you.

I did get the haircut, but I dont like the pictures ive taken so far. SO. I will be posting pictures once I start being photogenic again. Has that ever happened to you, you just go through a streak of bad pictures? Or at least not as good as your other ones?

Okay I need to stop rambling.. xoxo

xhandgunhearts [userpic]

Hm. Plans.

March 9th, 2006 (06:52 pm)

♥ feeling: tired
♥ listening to: 'If Looks Could Kill' - A Heartwell Ending

Hmmm.. I have plans this weekend, surprisingly. But considering my luck, they are all going to fall through. Or most of them.

- Friday: Take my friend Sean's bus home with him, Jason and Jen. Go see The Hills Have Eyes.
- Saturday: Go to school at 8:00 to get on bus to go see Wicked downtown. (Chorus trip)
- Sunday: Get a haircut. Finally.

I passed the Constitution test with an 83/87.. an A. I seriously thought i'd like get a C. Wow. That was a biiigggg relief. But now I can look forward to ISATs and Geometry tests.. lucky me. fgdjghdhgd.

If my haircut is successful I will be posting pictures. yeahhh.

Does anyone know any good books? I need to read something new. Also, my teacher is getting pissed because she has her little 'silent reading' for fifteen minutes when class starts, and i just draw all over my binder. Suggestions? Tell me the author too, if you can.

xhandgunhearts [userpic]

And nowwww...

March 4th, 2006 (11:58 pm)

♥ feeling: blank
♥ listening to: 'Bullets are Scene' - Drop Dead, Gorgeous

..that I have some friends *woo surprising* i'm going to update, because I seriously have nothing better to do.

So my friend is a jerk because he shot my boyfriend in the leg with a pellet gun and now he has to get leg surgery.. Anyways.

All ive been doing is applying in communities all day.. I feel like such a loser.. haha. Yeah. Well I guess thats what youre supposed to do when you make new livejournals. & When youre grounded ALL WEEKEND. dhsgsugsdgbsd.

I am taking a test in History on Wednesday, the Constitution test, which im not exactly excited about but whatever. I guess it covers the US Constitution and state Constitution. Funnnnn stuff.

And I have nothing else to say. For now.

xhandgunhearts [userpic]


March 3rd, 2006 (09:54 pm)

♥ feeling: blah
♥ listening to: 'Stand Inside Your Love' by The Smashing Pumpkins.

So, this is my first entry. I'm probably going to use this journal for nothing more but making icons and stuff.. I might actually use if it I get a lot of friends. I'm still undecided. Leave me some comments ♥ Please.

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